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Fourth of July Illegal Checkpoints

  No doubt people will be attempting to enjoy the Fourth of July this year despite the governments wanting to suck all the fun out of the celebration. Be aware that the police thugs will most likely be doing their nazi style checkpoints and not for just drunk drivers, but for seatbelts as well. Who knows, maybe they will also want to look in your trunk to be sure there are no bombs or terrorists or “illegal aliens”

  Well, until the Revolution, all you can do is film all your contacts with the police and do very little to comply with them. Only open your window wide enough to be able to tell them they are breaking both the law and their oath to our Constitution and that they need to find another sucker. The act of using emergency lights in a non emergency in itself is a felony, remind them of that as well.

   We need to stand up as one and let them know whom their real masters are. Be sure to  enjoy yourself and only use fireworks if there are to many of you to arrest. Have a happy Fourth. Viva la revolution and long live the people.